Maintain round-the-clock operations.

Allow your clients to book services, pay bills, share documents, and communicate with you through your fully-branded and secure client portal.

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Empower your clients, and watch your business grow.

Provide your clients with the flexibility and convenience of a fully digital experience.

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A one-stop-shop for all your clients’ needs, in one place.

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Online scheduling

Empower your clients to schedule, adjust, cancel appointments, or register for upcoming events at their convenience.

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Secure payments

Get paid faster by offering multiple digital payment options to pay for services. 

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Direct messages

Save time interacting with customers, automatically engage with website visitors, and streamline business communications.

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File sharing

Allow clients to securely upload and share files online, as well as view and download files shared with them.

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Dress your business for success. 

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Create a powerful branded client portal.

Easily add your brand colors & logo to your custom client portal and create a memorable first impression.

Look amazing on any device.

Desktop, tablet or mobile. Make a good impression with a client portal that’s accessible from anywhere on any device. 

Deliver a personalized experience.

Ensure your clients stay informed and in control of their accounts and next steps with clear, actionable information.

A user-friendly, app-like experience with zero coding.

Convert your client portal into a light-weight mobile app, making sure you keep
your clients engaged and coming back.
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4. Desktop_AppExperience 4. Mobile_AppExperience

Give your business the competitive edge.

All the tools you need to power your business - in one place.


Client Portal software is one of the solutions offered as part of BIZpockit’s customer and business relationship management and client engagement platform for small businesses. Organisation owners and managers can use the Client Portal software to allow their customers to independently initiate and take control of their interactions with their favourite small businesses from any location and device at any time.

The Client Portal software is a single pane solution for managing all aspects of client engagement and interaction, including initiating and booking appointments, file and document sharing, managing invoicing and billing, etc. By encompassing mobile, web, email, and social platforms with its solution, BIZpockit allows its users to get more value from the relationships and business engagement with their clients. This includes stronger branding, improved customer engagement, and the easier provision of quality services that help keep the customers happy in the long run. In addition to strengthening relationships with your clients, the Client Portal software will allow you to personalize your interactions with them to make these more meaningful. Your Client Portal can be customised by changing its images, colour scheme, and icons in line with your business vision and preferences.

BIZpockit’s solutions are available through a range of subscription models that are tailored to your specific needs. The services on offer across the plans include online payments, online appointment scheduling and event registration, SMS marketing, client text messages, client tags, and follow-ups, 3rd party integrations, analytics, team calendar, multiple staff accounts, custom email & SMS notifications per service, staff roles and permissions, auto-assignment rules, integrations via API, and other additional features.

The client portals work as one-stop-shops for your customer to gain fast and secure access to everything they may need to interact with your business. It is a virtual place that they need to log into to be able to take various actions with the help of a provided dashboard, including:

The client portals work as one-stop-shops for your customer to gain fast and secure access to everything they may need to interact with your business. It is a virtual place that they need to log into to be able to take various actions with the help of a provided dashboard, including:

– Get an overview of an entire correspondence with your business

– Check pending payments and make payments online. The Portal keeps records of all invoices and receipts and makes them easily downloadable

– Schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments with you

– Upload and share files and other documents with you

– Get access to an entire history of interacting with your business

– Establish fast, secure and direct communication with your business

– Take any individual action relating to your business from the range of the supported ones

Using the Client Portal is simple. Your clients just need to access their accounts from the Client Portal following their registration. The simplicity and accessibility of the Client Portal empower your customers to engage with you without having to wait for too long or possess technical background. The Client Portal is accessible from Android and iPhone devices, as well as from desktops, mobile platforms, and tablets.

Client Portal empowers your clients to take various actions in interacting with your business on their own terms and at any time. It makes it easier for them to use an accessible and streamlined platform to gain access to services which include the management of invoicing and billing, scheduling appointments with you, sharing documents, etc. This means that your business remains operational around the clock and relieved of its dependence on regular business hours to serve your clients well.

Client Portal will support a broad range of client-business interactions in a single place.

With the online scheduling option, your clients can easily schedule meetings with you, re-schedule or cancel them as well as register for the coming events. They can also access the history containing information on the previous events.

Secure payments allow you to get faster access to what is owed to you since your customers can now pay upfront or via credit cards.

Direct communication supported via Client Portal is a permanent communication line that allows you to exchange (send and receive) messages from your customers

An easy file sharing option allows your customers to upload and share documents and other files with you and your personnel as well as receive what you send or share with them.

A user-friendly dashboard serves as a register of all events relevant to the interactions between your business and your clients. Your customer can access it to check the status of payments, scheduled meetings, etc.

Client Portal will look professional and offer a stellar user experience across all supported platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet). Client portals can be easily transformed into a dedicated mobile app that will drive conversions and promote customer loyalty for you around the clock.

Your client portal is your own success story and we want to help you share it with your partners and customers. To leave a lasting impression on them, we offer you access to white-label client portals that are customised and branded in line with your business image and message. Do you need a particular brand colour to leave a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of your clients and prospects? We will do it for you. Do you need a logo that will serve as a memorable seal of quality for your customers? We will deliver it to you in no time.

Your customers will get access to a fully customised business page and a secure Client Portal that we can deliver to you as part of our white-label partnership arrangements. Your clients can use the Client Portal to streamline interactions with your business as well as keep records and check the history of previous actions. The Business Page will be provided to you by BIZpockit with a dedicated generated link. Feel free to customise this link to make it more in line with the branding and the image of your business

With the help of a white-label Client Portal, you can avoid the trouble of having to worry about turning your genius visual and design ideas into specific technical creations. We will also help you improve on your initial vision of what makes up an ideal customer portal experience and nail down precisely what can work best for your business and clients.

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