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Effortless marketing, professional results.


Create beautiful automated campaigns in minutes.

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Get better results with SMS marketing.

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Drive engagement & real business results.

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Offer coupons to drive sales and retain customers.

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Everything you need to create gorgeous marketing campaigns.

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Customise or choose from a pre-built template library to create mobile-friendly marketing campaigns, designed for customer engagement.

Maximize impact using cross-channel marketing. Twice the results in half the time.

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Email marketing.

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Custom template makes it simple to create visually appealing promotions

Send targeted campaigns by segmenting clients based on their location, interests or custom tag.

Connect one-to-one with your customers through personalised email communication.

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SMS marketing.

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Maximise your reach with SMS campaigns and Improve open rates by 98%.

Reach 100% of your audience by utilising the power of both SMS and email campaigns.

Perfect for spontaneous marketing efforts and last-minute promotions.

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Personalise. Don’t generalise. Tailor your message for each client. 

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Client segmentation

Customise campaigns to the needs of a specific sector of your client base. Segment clients based 
on their location, interests or status 
(lead, customer or VIP).


Add a personal touch to your emails. Customise your email templates to include a client’s first name and improve click-through rates instantly.

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Searching for the right words but coming up short? We’re here for you.

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Create campaigns in 5 minutes by using ready-to-send email templates covering various business messages, from a 4th of July special discount to a change in business hours.

Craft the perfect campaign with pre-built templates - complete with attention-grabbing subject lines, witty text and stunning visuals.

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Automated campaigns - a stress-free way to boost your earnings.

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Schedule and send automated campaigns to clients who meet certain criteria. Create individual or drip campaigns in no-time using pre-built campaigns, crafted by our marketing team.

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8. Desktop_DriveProfits 8. Mobile_DriveProfits

Drive profits with powerful email marketing.


Let clients pay, fill out forms and submit documents in a single click.

Real results

Track actual client activity, measuring the success of your email marketing.

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Enable clients to book appointments directly from your email.

Give your business the competitive edge.

All the tools you need to power your business - in one place.

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