Boost your bookings
digitally, traditionally, anytime, anywhere.

The perfect scheduling solution for busy professionals. Allow clients to schedule services 24/7 online.
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Focus on your work, not your schedule.

Seamlessly manage your schedule from one place. Add one-click booking to your website, Email, Google, and Facebook.
Get discovered and schedule appointments.

Enable clients to schedule appointments directly from your website, Facebook, email, Google My Business, and more.

Face-to-face, by phone 
or online.

Empower clients to choose their preferred method of meeting. Schedule online meetings via Zoom, arrange phone conference calls, or meet in person.

No website? We got you covered.

Allow clients to view your service offerings and schedule appointments directly from your BizPockit landing page or a client portal with secure access.

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Intuitive online scheduling – simple, smart, and stylish

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Outshine your competitors with a stylish, smart online scheduler – easily tailored to your brand with your logo and colors. Set your availability, allow clients to book or reschedule, appointments, services, and events at their own time – even during off hours!

Streamline your workload with a dynamic business calendar.

No more back-and-forth or double-booking. Set your availability, customise your time slots,

and let customers select times that work for you.

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Integrate your personal calendar with your work calendar for seamless scheduling.

Set the location, duration & pricing for each service you offer.

Color-code services and staff members for easy identification

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We fit all sizes.

No matter if you’re a solo operator or run a team, we’ve got the solution for you! Easily view your employees’ schedules and assign staff to services and appointments.

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Keep your schedule full - all the time.

Ensure repeat business with Packages! Offer multiple services in a single booking. Encourage clients to buy package deals at a discounted price and get paid immediately!

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Reduce no shows.

Send automated confirmations and meeting reminders, so you never have to worry about no-shows or last-minute cancellations again.

Enable bookings from anywhere, at any time.

Facebook bookings

Website bookings

Landing page bookings

Facebook bookings

Facebook bookings

Empower clients to take action directly from your Facebook page with a call-to-action button to schedule, book, or take other actions directly from Facebook

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Website bookings

Website bookings

Integrate online scheduling into your website for a seamless experience. Our scheduling widget allows clients to book appointments without leaving your website. 

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Landing page bookings

Landing page & client portal bookings

Provide a seamless client experience by allowing clients to book, view, pay, send messages and share files via your own landing page or client portal. 

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Give your business the competitive edge.

All the tools you need to power your business - in one place.


BIZpockit offers a 14-day free trial, during which you can try out our scheduling software, including online payments, client management, email campaigns and more. After the trial period, you can choose between several plans, ranging in price from R 999 to R 1999 per month.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve experienced plenty of days when you come into the office early ready for a productive day. Yet, somehow at the end of the day, you find that you have gotten very little accomplished. Even with the best of intentions, your day is derailed by a variety of issues: unexpected emergencies, sick employees and last-minute meetings. While you can’t do anything about these unforeseen circumstances, you can take control of your schedule and manage it more efficiently and effectively. Getting started with an online scheduling solution is the first step to being more prepared. Here are a few benefits of online scheduling:

– Online scheduling enables you to customise your calendar, leading to more efficient time management. You can easily Select your availability for appointments set buffer time in between for preparations relaxation.

– An online calendar can integrate with your CRM and give you an even clearer picture of how much time you spend with each client. If you bill for meetings, this will also help you track those hours without much effort.

– With online scheduling, you can automate tasks. For example, by setting up automated meeting reminders, you can cut down on no-shows. You can also send clients automated follow-up emails.

Yes. BIZpockit syncs with any calendar that can publish in ICS file format: Outlook, iCloud, Google, Yahoo and more

All operating systems support BIZpockit (iOS, Windows, OS, etc). BIZpockit is a cloud-based business management solution, meaning you can easily access your BIZpockit dashboard via the internet, regardless of your operating system or device (iPhone, Android, Mac, PC).

The BIZpockit scheduling and calendar features help you easily manage and all your team’s calendars, appointments and correspondences right from your very own Admin dashboard. It allows you to see your staff member’s complete schedule and enables you to assign bookings to certain staff members.

For team scheduling, you can easily set up your service menu with multiple services assigned to specific team members based on their preferences, expertise or availability. Customise each employee’s tab with relevant personal details, their contact information, the services they offer and their availability. You can also set the SMS reminder to be sent directly to the specific member of staff. More over you have the ability to quickly block time for multiple staff at once if your business hours are changing due to holidays or other events.

Give your small business that big business vibe.

Boost your bookings, starting today!